Monday, May 25, 2009

Kobain - Emotional Robot

Today I want to talk about "humanoid" Robots. There are lot of people who are septic about them, do not like and just can not understand what is the meaning to create such things. Why spend so much money if they can be used for other, better things?

Well, they might be right but same time wrong. The humanoid robots can be used for different reasons. They can work with things which are dangerous for us - humans, besides they are sooo sweet :P:P

Kobain - a new emotional humanoid robot has been created by Japanese scientists. It is unique becasue can show emotions and feelings by moving eyes, and lips. What has really surprised me is that - for communication Kobain can use the body language :) Can u imagine such a clever one :) heh, I hope that he (yes why he? no idea :D ) is kind :P and does not have bad thoughts :P:P


clic said...

I'm neither for nor against!... :)
Free will!... ;)

Katten försvann said...

:) good for u Ö and robots :P :P

AJ said...

its kobian! not bain:P