Monday, May 11, 2009


Several month ago I received a rose bush from my husband, If I recall correct it was for the Valentine's day (but I am not sure :P:P ). The bush had pretty roses but after 2-3 weeks all of them dried up. I've cut the branches and soon after they have started growing again.

I've got one rose now :) I do not have a garden, so the rose lives in a purple room :)

What is strange with the rose bush, is that it had different flowers from this one. They were not so open and were darker-ivory color. And what is very strange is that usually flowers dying in my apartment, this is the only one who gave the flower after some month of being "dead" :D


Taina said...

Purple room and white rose are a beautiful combination :)

There seems to be roses all over the world now :) I was just in a local market and they were selling lots of roses too, maybe because it's Mother's day tomorrow in Finland (do you celebrate it in other countries as well?)

I'd also like to get a rose bush one day, but probably I have to buy it for myself ;)

Katten försvann said...

I am buying for myself too :D :D
As a present I receive flowers extremely rare :D :D

clic said...

Here is The rose, then! :)

A white rose that survived is a wonderful thing - i's purety itself! :)

Katten försvann said...

hehee, I am glad u find in pretty :P:P