Saturday, January 23, 2010

We Can Help Haitian People!

My dear readers, Haitian people need our help! They do not have water, food, antibiotics. People who could survive this huge catastrophe, now face a death from different disses and hunger. So please, let's help them as we can.

Hope For Haiti Now We can donate some amount of money, as much as u want, as much as we can. Each dollar, each euro can save a life. People, who have PayPal accounts - it is very simple procedure and we need only one minute to donate some money and help people who are in need!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Best Male Figure Skaters in EU

Sooo, we have already got EC 2010 winners in Figure skating . Let me write my opinion about them.

1. Evgeni Plushenko - I think he is one of the best male skaters in the history of Figure skating. I have always enjoed watching his programs, his technique is amazing, jumps just perfect. But now, when he is back afters 4 years brake I want more! Unfortunately this year, his LP was nothing but jumps. I did not see Jenia, who used to be so artistic and charismatic. Today I saw a man who jumped over his head :(

2. Stéphane Lambiel - A perfect classical dancer. His pirouettes are very fine and perfect. His musicality and feeling of ice is just incomparable. BUT - whyyyy cant he skate without mistakes? I always expect him to fall down, and he always does :( With his great program he could be on the top if not these stupid mistakes.

3. Brian Joubert - what to say about him? The virtuous on the ice. He has everything musicality, techniques, charisma but again and again mistakes and the Evgeni Plushenkoin his mind ! :( This year his program was awful. I hope he is going to make it better before OG!

Are u Looking for Mailboxes?

I was just wondering - have u already got a house? Have u already got a nice garden? Well, than there are times to get perfect Mailboxes. Oh please, do not start complaining now about their models and colors becasue nowadays it just very simple to get what u want - very pretty mail boxes!

Oh are u still complaining, and saying that nowadays in modern society nobody really uses them, but of course we are using them. There in no way that modern technologies as the internet, mobile phones can never replace a Mailbox !!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Evgeni PLUSHENKO - King Is back :)

I adore him! I think he is the greatest figure skater in the history of figure skating. And now, when he is back, we his fans are very happy. Jenia u made my day today!

Monkey legs on Golden Globe

I would never ever believe that such is possible. At the picture the legs of Mo'Nique a Golden Globe Winner for Best Supporting Actress - Motion Picture / AFP.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Spring In Winter

Is not this hyacinth beautiful? I just love cold winters, with snow and wind, dark days and beautiful hyacinths on windows. It feels and looks sooo cozy and very fresh. Outside cold winter and in an apartment colorful spring

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Is not this lovely?

I liked this song sooo much that have decided to share it with you.
Just listen and after you can read the text :)

Don't ask from where I have come
My home is far, far away
Why do you wander so far
Wander so far, wander so far
For the little bird flying in the sky
For the blue brook running in the mountain
For the broad meadow green and wide
I wander, wander so far
Then, is there more?
Yes, for the Olive tree of my dream
Don't ask from where I have come
My home is far, far away
Why do you wander?
Why do you wander so far?
Far, far away
For the Olive tree of my dream
Don't ask from where I have come
My home is far, far away
Why do you wander so far
Wander so far, wander so far

Friday, January 15, 2010

I Miss You

I miss Rome and want to go back so much, but I know that it is impossible during the summer, becasue I can not stand very hot weather in the city. I know it is impossible some uther time as well becasue I'll have lectures during other time.

I love Mathematics! Do u?

Today I want to write about the mathematics. In my opinion there are two groups of people - 1. people who can understand math and 2. people who have not an idea about mathematics at all and need help.

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Ice symphony

Ice symphony after a really cold night :)

Winter House

That's the house where I'd like to live during cold winters :)

White and Red

I wander why this camellia has two colors. Does it have dibble "personality" or what?

That's my Choice!!!

Have you already taken some days for vacations? Do you want to have a nice time and enjoy with your family or friends or just be alone? Then you have to plan everything well, choose a good place and a nice comfortable hotel.

What can be better than a clean blue sea and sky?! That's why I want to talk about one interesting place with the name Myrtle Beach Resort

How have I found them? Well, I was surfing the internet, I wanted to find some nice place where I could spend my holidays, of course with my family. I found Resort in Myrtle Beach.
Hmmm, quiet interesting hotels, rooms, offers. I do not think there is a person who can not find something special for him/her, however Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel 's offers are very different, with many different activities.

This is my choice. What is yours? :)