Thursday, January 21, 2010

Best Male Figure Skaters in EU

Sooo, we have already got EC 2010 winners in Figure skating . Let me write my opinion about them.

1. Evgeni Plushenko - I think he is one of the best male skaters in the history of Figure skating. I have always enjoed watching his programs, his technique is amazing, jumps just perfect. But now, when he is back afters 4 years brake I want more! Unfortunately this year, his LP was nothing but jumps. I did not see Jenia, who used to be so artistic and charismatic. Today I saw a man who jumped over his head :(

2. St├ęphane Lambiel - A perfect classical dancer. His pirouettes are very fine and perfect. His musicality and feeling of ice is just incomparable. BUT - whyyyy cant he skate without mistakes? I always expect him to fall down, and he always does :( With his great program he could be on the top if not these stupid mistakes.

3. Brian Joubert - what to say about him? The virtuous on the ice. He has everything musicality, techniques, charisma but again and again mistakes and the Evgeni Plushenkoin his mind ! :( This year his program was awful. I hope he is going to make it better before OG!

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