Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Konark the Sun Temple

A couple days ago, I went to a book shop. I did not really want to buy something, juts to watch. I was surfing the shelves and I noticed a book about the world architecture. I started reading .. omg, the book was so interesting (and so expensive same time :P:P) I have not bought the book and wrote down some names that seemed interesting for me.

One of them is - Konark the Sun Temple. Is is one of the most magnificent temples in India. The sun god Surya is deeply respected in Hindu culture. Konark means kona- corner and ark - sun.

Konark Sub Temple front view:

The fragment from the temple's wall:

The Temple is a huge construction and stands on the chariot with 12 pairs of wheels. It is believed that the wheels represent month or hours. The chariot is cared of 7 pair of horses - represent week days. Each wheel is decorated with lots of ornaments and figures. Bellow you can see the one of the wheels.

Konark the Sun Temple is famous for its erotic sculptures, which can be found primarily on the second level of the porch structure. It will become immediately apparent upon viewing them that the frank nature of their content is combined with an overwhelming tenderness and lyrical movement.

Love making or sex didn't have the meaning, the most important was the "magical juice" what was coming from such relations - the juice of immortality and eternal life.

Once again, I am impressed from spiritual and architectural beauty of India!


clic said...

It is fantastisc! Great meeting you had! :)

Katten försvann said...

:) It is really amazing temple :) ,

Vandana said...

The temple seems to be really majestic!

Sun temple konark said...

Nice pics. Konark Sun Temple is also called as Konark Temple. Temple is attract tourist most, it is located in Orissa india.The chariot is very huge and has 12 pairs of stone-carved wheels and also a squad of seven running horses.

Tapas Pradhan said...

Lovely temple. you should read about various folklores around it ... dharmapada and kalapahada are two important ones

dimpy roy said...

Very beautiful pictures. The sun temple is one of the best places to visit in Puri. Explore more about Konark Sun Temple.