Monday, March 30, 2009

Very Disappointed

I love dogs and especially Labradors and Golden Retrievers, so when in the city library I saw a book "Marley and Me" I took and started reading.

The book itself is nothing special, based on real story of one American family. The writer John Grogan is a journalist and tells the story in a very fascinating way, and while you are reading the book you are not getting bored at all. I do not know if you my readers have heard about it or read the book, where main personage Labrador Marley is doing all kind of believable and unbelievable things. He is a dog who does not recognize a master however he is a master himself. He is endlessly hungry, very strong and a great "destroyer" .

In 2008 David Frankel directed a film, based on a book. Of course I wanted to watch the film, I was counting days until the March of 27th when the film was going to be released in cinemas.

Finally the day came and I watched the film. Terrible!!! Actors terrible except Marley. From the book were not taken most of the nice moments. Some places were sooo boring I wanted to sleep.

I wish I did not see the film!


clic said...

Rarely has a film matched its book, so don't be so disappointed, all you confirmed was that it is true! Anyway, you still liked Marley and that's what matters! ;)

Katten försvann said...

Yes, you are right, but the film was so miserable! I do not know , maybe i have a bit strange imagination and after book, i was expecting good actors and a bit deep scenario about Labrador's and Humans friendship. even if Marley was really "crazy" dog :)