Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cats from Rome :)

Hello :)
I am back from my vacations . TO be honest I had a very good time and of course I took lots of pictures. In this post I want to write about cats from Rome.
The cats are something really special there. It is believed that they were brought in Italy from Egypt long time ago. Nowadays there are thousands of wild cats living in Rome, in special places. I have found two like those places - first near the pyramid and second in old ruins, the cats rule everything there :P All the cats are being feed by people.
Some time ago, they were living just in front of the Coliseum :D and were feed mostly by prostitutes - "Cat women" :)

This black cat was walking around in the St- Peter's Basilica :P

This cat was extremely huge! Just could hardly walk :)


clic said...

Nice vacations! Good for you! :)

About the cats, I think they transmit lots of peace! They must have real good lives! :)

Katten försvann said...

O yes :)
They have much better lives then homeless people in Rome!