Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Duck Family Is Crossing Road

Those pictures were taken today(not by my). You can see that a duck family wants to cross a road and go to the park - Slottsskogen. Drivers stopped their cars and the family crossed the road without injures. Thank you drivers! :)


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Finding Spring 2 - Mölndal

Cherry flowers :)

Petals on grass

The statue of an old man

Mölndal 's cathedral

Monday, April 27, 2009

What Are The secrets To Excellent English!

I think there is a secret about English, I juts do not know what it is and how does it work.
Why can everybody learn and speak and write in English, but I still have problems with the language?

I've been studying the language for so many years now and still have lot of problems. Whyyy??? Tell me What Are The secrets To Excellent English!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Unusual and Unusual Ö

I think there are two "strange" buildings in my city first the opera house and second the business center with name "LIPSTICK". Nothing unusual u can think, but if u compare them with other buildings in the city then you can understand what do I mean :P

The Opera House

"Lipstick" :D

Friday, April 24, 2009

My Favorite Food

I want to write about my favourite food -Khinkali, the traditional Georgian food.

It is really easy to make. For deg we need flour, salt and water. You make a bit hard dough and leave it for 30 minutes. The meat filling (usually beef and pork, sometimes mutton with greens, onions and garlic) is usually uncooked when the Khinkali is assembled, so when cooked the meat's juices are trapped inside the khinkali.

I love those tasty khinkali, but sometimes i am soo lazy too cook them :(

We eat Khinkali with black pepper :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Honest Girl

I just love honest people even if they are a bit stupid! Ö
For understanding what I am talking about, just watch the video :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Do you want to survive ? Then you have to be adapted to the environment.

Do you think this frog can have a chance to live if it is red?

Monday, April 20, 2009

How to Add Google Translate Gadget?

I believe that you blog is being visited by people from different countries, most time they want to read your posts but can not do this because can not understand the language you are writing on. So it could be nice if you add Google Translate Gadget in your blog. This is really easy to do, and bellow you can read everything step by step.

1. go to the page Google Translate

2. Choose your site language

3. You will be given a HTML code under line "Copy and paste the HTML below to include the gadget on your webpage." copy it.

4. On your blog go to "Customize"

5. after click on "add a gadget" and from the list chose "HTML/JavaScript Add " click on +

6. There will be opened a window and you have to paste your copied HTML code there (from the 3 the one you saved).

That's all! Like this 4-5-6 you can add all the html codes.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Sushi - Sushiki

I was really tired today for cooking some ”complicated” food, so I decided to prepare something easy and tasty. Usually I follow some "Golden Rules" - 1. Never follow the recipe, 2. trust intuition and 3. use the products what I already have (I do not like "food shopping" :D )

In the fridge I found caviar, some green leaves, cooked rise (from last night diner :P :P :P) and nori leaves so I started making sushi. For people who does not really like to cook and think that cooking is difficult want to tell that sushi is just for you. Down I will teach you how to make one. (Instead of nori leave I have used also cooked cabbage leave, a green salad leave, instead of caviar, you can use other kind of fish, well cut vegetables etc. I mean give the way to your imagination and fantasy )

1.We put rise on a nori leave, put not much and leave about 1 centimeter on the top without rise. Then put some caviar as it is shown at the picture. I did not use

2. Put some green salad leaves next to the caviar

3. On the top of the leave put a little water with your finger. Roll the nori leave and try to press it (not to hard ). When the roll is done, cut it with a very sharp knife.

Mniam, they are so tasty :)

We eat sushi with soya sauce and wasabi paste.

If you have some questions do not hesitate and ask :)

Happy Easter

Today Orthodox Cristian Church celebrates Easter :) Happy Easter to everybody!

I am not a religious person, but somehow this day makes me feel good and happy :) I cooked special Easter cookie Kulich and painted 2 eggs.

Down I want to write a bit about how the Georgians celebrate the Easter. First, I want you to know that most of georgian people are believers. They go to churches, fast and try to live as the Christianity teaches. Before the Easter, the eople keep feasting during 40-45 days (I am not sure about the days). On the Good Friday, (also called Holy Friday, Black Friday, or Great Friday) people paint eggs into read, cook Kulich and go to churches.

The whole celebration begins at the Easter night. Each person who can goes to a church and tries to stay there whole night. They sing psalms, pray and are just extremely happy :) Next morning everybody is tired, they congratulate each other, visit each others houses, drink a glass of red vine and wish Happy Easter.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hat For Troll

Paint such picture in your head - a small industrial city, with really few people in the streets, not so much cars. The streets are really clean, I mean extremely clean. Kids are riding bikes and laughing happily. There are houses around, with beautiful gardens and flowers. Sun is shining, birds are singing.

A tree :)

What a nice place is not it? Yes, I am inspired too. Today I was in a small Swedish town Trollhättan - Troll's hood (The name "Trollhättan" comes from folkloristic tales. People believed that large trolls lived in the river Göta älv and that the islands in the river were the Trolls' hoods ("hättor") from wikipedia.). No, there were not trolls and I have not seen hats either. What i saw was a nice day, nice town and a car factory - SAAB. Today the factory has big problems, lots of people are being fired every day, I was walking there and thinking - "so sad, after those people got fired, what can they do? Will their kids be so happy? Will everything be such quiet and clean? I do not know.

In general, this economical crisis scares me a lot. For me , countries with low employment level are connected with criminal and social disasters. People are scared, depressed and sad. They can not enjoy with life and see everything in dark colors. Even such nice day and flowers do not make any difference for them :(


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Candy Land - Gränna :)

This sweetest "Candy land" I found in a very small town Gränna, a town in Jönköping Municipality, Sweden. :)
Smell was amazingly sweet there, and somehow everything felt very childish :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Finding Spring

Yes, finally we have spring :)
Good bye cold wind and rains! Good bye coats and boots!
I like this period of year, everything is in flowers, birds singing, people smiling and everything looks just perfect (only one thing what i do not like with spring is that after spring we have summer)

So yesterday I went to park and took some pictures :) I gave the name to this photo series - Finding Spring :).

A tulip

Small suns


An ant :)

The house with a bridge :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dog - Humans' Best Friend!

When we talk or read about dog, we often use to say or read "Dog is human's best friend". Well i agree with this, I have read many stories, have seen films and I have friends with dogs everything proves that a dog is a real friend, but ... Do we deserve such faithful and devoted friends.

What do you think is common between those dogs?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Will Survive !

I am not going to give up and surrender! I will finish what I have started.

Yes, this is hard, this is boring but I know if I am not doing everything as they should be done, I will not have future. I will not have the possibility to choose. I do not want to be chosen, I want to be one who chooses the university, a work place, a company. I want to make my future and feel that I have done something important for me and for others.

Next 6 weeks , gonna be really hard in my life. I have to take five tests in Swedish, two tests in English and one test in Society, also I have to do several presentations. I know this will not be easy, but this is my choice!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wanna earn some money with your blog?

Have you ever thought to earn money from your blog and your favorite activity with name BLOGGING? Then you have to read this post :)

From the very beginning I want to inform you that there are lots of ways to earn money through our blogs, but there is one special and quiet interesting, well my favourite way I can say - writing advertisements for customers. How can I find the customers you can ask me. Do not worry, you do not have to find them, they find you if you registers your blog on Blogsvertise, also, it is useful if you put a rank counter Alexa on your blog. As higher your rank is as many offers you will receive.

Good luck, and if you have some questions do not hesitate and just ask me!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

You Worth It!

I believe a woman who respects herself should have nice sets of underwear and night wear! Does not matter how much it costs, it should have high quality and look sexy and nice.

Today , I want to talk about one of my favourite designers Roberto Cavalli . Well, I know that almost all of you are familiar with his clothing and assessors but i am not sure if you know that Cavalli designs extremely nice under - and night wear.
Down I gonna show you just few pictures
Underwear sets :

Here comes nigh wear sets:

And I want to end my post with words: We deserve everything best!

Loincloths hot among Japan woman

I saw this video and decided to share it with you.
The latest in "women's liberation" is a product making a comeback in Japan that makers claim allows women to ditch tight-fit underwear -- loincloths.

A Japanese lingerie maker calls female loincloth underwear the "ultimate liberation item" for women."

The video you can see here

Monday, April 6, 2009

Georgia, USA, Sweden - top five sites

Google, Facebook and Youtube are the leaders. Well I am not surprised at all, but on the other hand I am surprised that in Georgia 2 Russian sites are most popular.

Top 5 sites in Georgia:

Top 5 sites in USA:

Top 5 sites in Sweden :

And the global top five :

Information is taken from Alexa

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Save the Planet

Let's try and do everything what we can to save our beautiful planet!
Our Future Is In Our Hands

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Every year, hundreds of fishermen die because of thin ice on rivers. Every year thousands of fishermen try to catch fish in spite of their knowledge about thin ice. What do you think - why do they risk their lives becasue of fish?

The pictures was taken in St. Petersburg in 2006. -20, ice on the Neva