Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Easter

Today Orthodox Cristian Church celebrates Easter :) Happy Easter to everybody!

I am not a religious person, but somehow this day makes me feel good and happy :) I cooked special Easter cookie Kulich and painted 2 eggs.

Down I want to write a bit about how the Georgians celebrate the Easter. First, I want you to know that most of georgian people are believers. They go to churches, fast and try to live as the Christianity teaches. Before the Easter, the eople keep feasting during 40-45 days (I am not sure about the days). On the Good Friday, (also called Holy Friday, Black Friday, or Great Friday) people paint eggs into read, cook Kulich and go to churches.

The whole celebration begins at the Easter night. Each person who can goes to a church and tries to stay there whole night. They sing psalms, pray and are just extremely happy :) Next morning everybody is tired, they congratulate each other, visit each others houses, drink a glass of red vine and wish Happy Easter.


clic said...

Traditons help peoples' union!... :)

Katten försvann said...

yes they do! And they help somehow to regulate peoples behavior. especially in Asian and very traditional countries.