Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Will Survive !

I am not going to give up and surrender! I will finish what I have started.

Yes, this is hard, this is boring but I know if I am not doing everything as they should be done, I will not have future. I will not have the possibility to choose. I do not want to be chosen, I want to be one who chooses the university, a work place, a company. I want to make my future and feel that I have done something important for me and for others.

Next 6 weeks , gonna be really hard in my life. I have to take five tests in Swedish, two tests in English and one test in Society, also I have to do several presentations. I know this will not be easy, but this is my choice!


vendela said...

fin blogg(:

Katten försvann said...

Tack :)

clic said...

I'm happy for you!... :)

Taina said...

You can do it! After this 6 weeks you can think that YOU REALLY DID IT and that's the best feeling ever :)
Hugs from Finland ***

Jurgita said...

i was very sad, when i've found that your blog is dissapeard :( because i liked it very much. today i've found another one :) happy day for me :P

Katten försvann said...

Jurgita - I am happy to read your post :)

The blog is same, i have just changed the address :)

clic , Taina - Thakns :*