Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Sushi - Sushiki

I was really tired today for cooking some ”complicated” food, so I decided to prepare something easy and tasty. Usually I follow some "Golden Rules" - 1. Never follow the recipe, 2. trust intuition and 3. use the products what I already have (I do not like "food shopping" :D )

In the fridge I found caviar, some green leaves, cooked rise (from last night diner :P :P :P) and nori leaves so I started making sushi. For people who does not really like to cook and think that cooking is difficult want to tell that sushi is just for you. Down I will teach you how to make one. (Instead of nori leave I have used also cooked cabbage leave, a green salad leave, instead of caviar, you can use other kind of fish, well cut vegetables etc. I mean give the way to your imagination and fantasy )

1.We put rise on a nori leave, put not much and leave about 1 centimeter on the top without rise. Then put some caviar as it is shown at the picture. I did not use

2. Put some green salad leaves next to the caviar

3. On the top of the leave put a little water with your finger. Roll the nori leave and try to press it (not to hard ). When the roll is done, cut it with a very sharp knife.

Mniam, they are so tasty :)

We eat sushi with soya sauce and wasabi paste.

If you have some questions do not hesitate and ask :)


clic said...

Ok, I'm coming for dinner!... :)

Katten försvann said...

you are welcome :D
Just have to cook something else however I do not have a single sushi now :D

clic said...

Well, I'll have to drink the wine then... :)

Katten försvann said...

i think so :D

tatushka55 said...

Wooow you are super