Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Language Problems

Today I went to a library, I wanted to borrow a self studying book in Chinese (I have time and I want to use it for something useful, that's why I have decided to study Chinese.). "Fortunately" I could not find books for beginners, somebody has borrowed them, but there were many other books for intermediate and advanced students. Well, I started "reading" the books and this was incredible, I could not understand a single word :D I became sooo frustrated that I decided to "add" some more and started reading Japanese self studying books. O my god! This was even more scary than I could imagine. :D :D

I have left the library very frustrated, instead of the language book, I have borrowed a very interesting book "Buddhism: tools for living your life" by Vajragupta. Now I am thinking : can I really study those languages (both or one of them) myself? Definitely nope! I need a teacher!

Interesting book for people who want to learn Chinese


Katten försvann said...

I copy the comment from my facebook. Here it will be more saved.

"my friend used this book to learn characters.

as it says, the key principles is the use of visual imagery.
character is combination of simbolized pictgrams. memorizing simple fromat, you could put together certain meaning in visual images. also complicated characters have a story how to develope their shapes in the combination of basic symbols. you could memorize them in an imaginative story. ... Read more

as to pronunciation, Japanese would be much easier than Chinese. it's simple vowel-driven language like Italian or Spanish."

clic said...

You're amazing, did you know that?!... :)

Katten försvann said...

Thank you for saying this :)I did not know.

Plus being amazing, I am a jobless :D :D and have extremely lot of time.


Taina said...

You could study Korean, that language is a lot easier to read than Japanese and Chinese ;)

Katten försvann said...

Tania, yes, it is easier at least in writing part, but nowadays Chinese is more required than Korean, it will be even more important.

With Japanese i like the sound. Ö I love how the language sounds :)