Sunday, February 22, 2009

Volvo Vs Saab

Economical crises - something what scares everybody and especially big companies and factories. Lots of small companies have gone bankrupt and there are several big ones on this way as well. In this post, I want to write about 2 car companies which are having crises and do not know if they can survive or not . They are - Volvo and Saab (Volvo car, Saab car) . If you do not know, I want to tell that both of them manufacture cars, not juts cars but really expensive ones. I do not know about Saab, but if one has a Volvo it points the owners social status as well as kind a "Patriotism" - if you live in Sweden, then you have to have Volvo.

Well, now about the reason why I have started writing this post. Last few month, I am reading in the newspapers that Saab is asking the government to help with money, about half milliard every month. The question is - why has the government help to the company, whose production is not required in the market? And if the cars are not required why not to close the company at all, or make it smaller, or just change the company's politics - f.ex. make the cars a bit cheaper? I wonder how many Swedish people are there who wants their tax many used for such reasons, if instead they can be used for education, health system and for developing small businesses. And another problem, if government helps Saab, why should not they help Volvo too?

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