Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Land of Contrasts

From Georgia, we are going to northern Sweden - Norrbotten county, which is also known as the Land of Contrasts. Why is it called like this - you may ask me :) don't hurry, you will find the answers below :)

Quick facts: Norrbotten country is the biggest part of Sweden and covers almost 1/4 of Sweden's surface. Population - 258,094 people, area - 98 911 km2 , the capital is Luleå. Norrbotten county has two provinces - Norrbotten and Lapland

Why is Norrbotten county called "A Land of Contrasts" ?!

1. Kebnekaize with its two peaks is Sweden's highest mountain. It might be interesting for you that the southern peak (2,104m) is covered with snow and was higher then the north peak which is ice free and has 2,097 meters. However the snow is melting, the northern peak is getting higher than the southern one.

2.The lake Hornavan is Sweden's deepest lake with 232 meters.

3. Polar days :) During summer the sun is not going down and during wintertime the sun is not rising :)

4. You might have heard about the Ice hotel in Ukkasjarvi, near Kiruna - a unique hotel which is designed different way every year and only one thing - the chandelier is always the same. People cut huge blocks of ice from a lake and build up a hotel which stays there only during 4 month. For more information look here :)

Every year each room is uniquely designed. You think you will feel cold if you sleep in such bedroom ? No, no and no, each guest is given special thermal clothes and each bed is covered with nice fur covers :)

5. Flora and fauna. Norrbotten county has very rich flora and fauna. In the forests are unique pine trees and beautiful flowers. There are reindeer, moose, rabbits. Unfortunately, there are really few wolves, they are protected by government :)

In the forests you can meet forest's ghost - Great Grey Owl

I hope I have written enough to make you interested in such a beautiful place as Norrbotten county is. I am sure each of you can find a piece of yourself there :)

Hotels in Norrbotten
Norrbotten- travel map


Taina said...

The nature looks like Finland except Kebnekaise :) We also have an ice hotel in Lapland. Thanks for a nice story again, your text makes me want to visit Lapland (Finnish and Swedish and Norwegian Lapland!) :)

Katten försvann said...

I have never been in Finland but would like to go really much!!

Now is really nice time to visit The Ice Hotel :)