Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sweet Childhood :)

In this post I want to talk about 3-4 cartoons from the "good old days" and invite you in my childhood :). Those animations are so kind and so happy, that even now - after 20 years - when I am watching them I feel happy. All the characters are funny and it seems that they do not have problems at all :)
I recommend you watching the films, even if you do not understand the words, they are not important at all :)

A surrealistic turtle, even now I wonder how one can sleep with open eyes :P

I was quiet surprised how a giraffe, a parrot and two kids can live in a very small place :D

Those sweet characters are riding clouds :) they even have their own world- Tilimilitriamdia - Тилимилитрямдия :)

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