Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My dog 2009

Today was just a great day :) I went to the Dogs International Exhibition 2009, which took place in the city of Göteborg, Sweden. The name of the exhibition area is "Svenska mässan" and it looks like this:

Unfortunately I do not have a dog, so I have decided to go and watch other people's dogs. To be honest, all of them were just amazing, sweet and really cute. I took lots of pictures and I will talk bellow a little about them.

This black Labrador was just sitting and watching at other dogs and people :)

Those golden retrievers were really social. They liked people, and being stroked :) Really sweet ones aren't they?

This pretty husky was playing with a labrador :) He was really playful and happy :)

This labrador liked modeling :) so i took lots of pictures about him :)

Oh, and this amazing husky, can you believe that he was talking with other dogs and people ? :)

And bellow, I want to show just few portraits :)

Most likely he is tired of everything :)

Just a princess :)

Spaniels :)

And a very sweet Newfoundland Puppy :)

I want to thank all the dogs and their owners for their patience while I was taking pictures. :)
I want to tell all of them that their dogs are champions and very good in spite of the judges decisions!


Taina said...

That borzoi is so cute on the photo, truly a princess :) My grandparents have always had borzois and I've grown to love those big and beautiful dogs, maybe because I'm just the opposite!

Pink Panthere said...

Tania, so you know those dogs :) What kind of personality do borzois have ? :)
I saw them very first time and took a picture :) They are extremely gorgeous :)

Taina said...

Borzois are kind but quite independent dogs, so they like people but also like to be alone. So they have the same personality as me ;) They need a big yard where they can run or they need to be taken for long walks daily. When I was a small child, my grandparent's borzoi really liked me and followed me all the time and took care of me :) Maybe that's the reason why I love those big dogs and I'm not a big fan of chihuahuas ;)

Pink Panthere said...

oh, soo sweet relation with a kid and a dog :) :)

I like all kind of dogs, but I would have big ones better then small ones :)